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All I Want to do is Know

...and all I know is...

He's a Magic Man
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Are you learning/speak Japanese? I'm a student who would love to have someone to practice with. In fact, I have yet to come across a language I have not found fun. If you are a student of language and find that teaching others helps you remember, I am a willing participant. ^_^

And since we are on this, please feel free to correct any spelling/grammatical/OOC/bad story telling errors/bad drawings that you see. If you don't like something I wrote/drew, please explain why so I can improve.

If you are going to make fun of me, actually have a sense of humor and let me join in!

My iScribble Account If you would like to draw with me do ask!
My FF.net Account Any fanfic I write gets uploaded there first. The main fandoms I write for are APH, IZ, PKMN and Saiyuki.
My TE Account APH and OHSHC crack ahoy.
My Original Art Account My main house, where you can find art/comics/fiction.
My Fanart Account My main house, where you can find APH, IZ, PKMN, GO and more.